Budget Home Decorating – Get a Designer Home Makeover Without the Designer Price Tag

Give your home a designer makeover without the designer price tag with these budget-friendly home decorating tips:

1. Get inspired. The first step is to get loads of inspiration and ideas. Go to your local library and check out a few magazines on interior design and home decor. Depending on your personal taste, you might consider the following titles: ELLE Decor, House Beautiful, Dwell, LUXE, Traditional Home, Architectural Digest, and Cottage Style. Also check out any design magazines that are specific to your region.

Now flip through those magazines just to get ideas. Take note of the design elements that you like most. Which colors, textures, and patterns are particularly appealing to you? Jot down any and all of those designer tricks that you find aesthetically pleasing and that you could incorporate inexpensively into your own space: stacked books that double as end tables, collections of antique jars on a mantle or mismatched pewter frames in an attractive grouping, for example.

When something speaks to you, sketch it in your “design notebook” or just jot down the idea. You might not be able to use the idea in your space right away, but when you need fresh inspiration, you’ll have it.

2. Dress the walls. A quick coat or two of paint can do wonders for any space, and it’s an easy project to do by yourself in an afternoon (or two). Just a few hours of work can yield dramatic effects – elevating a boring, blah room into a cozy, warm space. And even if painting isn’t your favorite part of the home decorating process, it needs to be done first so you can make sure all of your other design elements will match or coordinate with the room itself.

Wall tiles, wall flats, fabric panels, and vinyl embellishments are other attractive and affordable options to quickly and dramatically change the look and feel of a space, particularly if you are renting and need a more temporary and removable option. A quick Google search will give you a variety of choices in a wide range of price points.

3. Dress the windows. Behind paint, the right window treatments can give you the second biggest bang for your buck. Your choice of fabric can make all the difference in your room. For drama, choose strong colors and patterns with heavier textures. For a light and airy room, opt for sheer draperies in pastels.

While the right window coverings are important, they don’t have to be super expensive. Browse your local Bed Bath & Beyond, Sears, Target, Kmart or Macys. You can often find especially deep discounts online at Amazon and Smart Bargains.

Another affordable option is to make the window coverings yourself. Roman shades are do-able for even the non-seamstress. Search for your chosen project on YouTube, HGTV or the DIY Network for step-by-step video tutorials.

4. Dress the big stuff. Since we’re on a budget here, we won’t be buying new furniture, so consider livening up your space with quality slipcovers. These can have a dramatic effect and are particularly ideal if you have quality furniture with some cosmetic blemishes.

You can generally find slipcovers at your local department stores or at discount bed and bath superstores. The nice thing about slipcovers is that they make it a cinch to change the theme or color scheme of a room to correspond with the changing seasons – or your changing moods. The downside: furniture covers are really only a practical option if you don’t have young kids or pets that lie around on the furniture. Otherwise, you’ll spend all your time straightening and tucking.

As an alternative to slipcovers, you could have your furniture reupholstered, which may be less expensive than you think, depending on the piece -or, if you’d rather opt for a new piece of furniture, you can do it without spending a whole lot by keeping an eye on your local Craigslist, your city’s Freecycle site, or even furniture store clearance sales.

5. Go nuts with accessories. This is the fun part. Use your personal sense of style and taste (coupled with the new ideas and know-how from your designer’s notebook) to add inexpensive pillows, sconces, candles and candle holders, art, photo frames, floral arrangements, throw blankets, decorative fruit bowls, fresh towels and other home décor elements. Dress up your dining room chairs with skirts and chair covers, add a dramatic table runner and an elaborate handmade centerpiece.

Where to find those budget-friendly items? Turn to your local department stores as well as secondhand stores. Watch the online clearance bins and stroll the flea market. Walk into your local Hobby Lobby or Michael’s for ideas, which are generally on display throughout the store. You might even be able to take a class in the store on how to create some of the floral displays or other home accessories you see on display.

When you’re online, be on the lookout for eye-catching ideas you can do yourself. (Stumbleupon and Pinterest are fantastic tools for uncovering hidden DIY gems.)

If you don’t have the money to do every room in your house, start small – either with paint or a new slipcover; a new pillow or a new DIY project. The trick to home decorating on a budget is to do what you can, when you can.

Carpet Cleaning Equipment FAQs

There are different types of a carpet cleaning equipment that is used in different situations and environments. Because of the variety that is available, it can be difficult to determine which is ideal for your needs and which is not. You don’t want to purchase equipment and find that it is not enough to take care of the tough cleaning jobs within your business, nor do you want to buy a machine that is too much.

The following is a list of the most frequently asked questions when buying carpet cleaning equipment:

What types of carpet cleaning equipment is available?

There are truck mount units, which are mainly used by carpet cleaning companies to handle heavy-duty cleaning jobs. There are also portable carpet cleaners, walk behind carpet extractors, and encapsulation carpet cleaners. The latter three are the types most likely to be used within your business.

Can carpet cleaners clean surfaces other than just carpets?

Truck mount equipment and portable carpet cleaners can clean upholstery, hard surfaces, tile, and grout. Walk behind carpet extractors can also clean upholstery, while encapsulation carpet cleaners can clean, strip, wax, and polish a variety of surfaces.

What size carpet cleaner do I need?

The size you choose will depend upon a number of factors. First, you have to evaluate how much space you will be cleaning. If you are cleaning long hallways, large open areas, or you need multiple surfaces to be cleaned, a walk behind carpet extractor may be best. Encapsulation carpet cleaners work well on large areas and clean them without using a lot of moisture, so they can be ideal for use in the long hallways within office buildings that receive a high amount of traffic. Nonetheless, small areas are ideal for portable carpet cleaners. If you will be cleaning a small office, a classroom, or you just need to spot clean now and then, portable will work just fine. You have to consider that you do not want the waste tank to fill too quickly or you will be spending more time emptying the waste tank and refilling the solution tank than what you should.

What does an encapsulation carpet cleaner do?

Ideal for businesses with multiple surface types, an encapsulation carpet cleaner will clean carpets, hardwood floors, tile, and a variety of other surfaces. Department stores, schools, and hospitals benefit greatly from this type of carpet cleaning equipment because while one area may be carpeted, other areas that need to be cleaned may be hard flooring. Rather than use multiple machines, one machine becomes sufficient for doing the job. The encapsulation carpet cleaner cleans, strips, waxes, and polishes hard flooring and cleans carpet with as little moisture as possible.

What qualities should I look for in carpet cleaners?

You want durability, waste tanks that are large enough to handle the jobs that you need to do, and you need user-friendly operation. Dual mode cleaning is another feature to look for, as well as all of the functions and attachments that you need.

Choosing the right carpet cleaning equipment means having a much cleaner business environment. When you are able to clean, strip, wax, polish, or perform and successfully complete the desired cleaning task, your floors will look cleaner because they are and they will also last longer. Carpet cleaning equipment protects floors from a certain degree of wear and tear, which means not having to replace flooring before it reaches the end of its intended lifespan.

Modern Bedroom Designs And Furniture

Modern bedroom designs are based on the latest trends of bedroom furniture that is coming out. It becomes a trend when more people accept it and buy it to make their bedrooms look better and more comfortable.

The bed is the most important furniture. It sets the theme of the room. These days, the trend is for beds to have a big headboard. In case you do not have enough budgets for it, you can make one for your bed. Get a piece of lumber wide enough to make up for the headboard then design it according to your style and match it with the room’s theme. You can choose the fabric and sew the design for it. It is even better because you can change the design from time to time.

Setting up the mood with the help of the bedroom lighting makes the bedroom a nice place to sleep. The lighting should be flexible. When you need a bright light in the morning or when you like a dreamy romantic light at night, the lighting should complement it. Fixing this type of bedroom lighting is easy when you are just starting building the home because you can use certain circuits for the structuring. In case you have already built your room, you just adjust manually on the furniture that you presently have.

Aside from the floor tiles, it is also nice to have a rug or carpet on the floor of your bedroom. This adds comfort to the room. You can find beautiful designs with low price in discount stores. You won’t have to spend much on it if you know where you can avail for items with lower price.

Additional chair inside the room is very important. It adds to the places where you can sit and fix your things. It can also serve as a place where you could temporarily hang your things. The chair should complement the bed for better bedroom theme coordination. You can get any type of chair. You can just add pillows or cushion on it to change the design.

Maximizing spaces is the modern trend. Adding closets or organizers inside the bedroom is the trend. These days there are storage organizers like hamper bins and shoe cubes which you use to sort out items. Hanging storages are also popular because these can be kept in drawers when not in use.

How Good Is Your Carpet Cleaning Equipment?

Finding the perfect carpet cleaning machines could always be frustrating especially if you have tried a lot but never really found it too helpful for a number of years. Because professional carpet cleaning is quite costly and is only advisable once or twice a year, getting your carpet cleaning equipment is important for your indoor environment maintenance. Keeping the dirt and smell in your carpet may prove to be difficult, but it is always healthy in long run.

When looking for the right carpet cleaner, remember that this is an investment for the future. Carefully choosing the right kind of carpet cleaning machines would mean choosing carefully where to spend thousands of your dollars. Compare prices and see if what you are going to spend is all worth it. There are also refurbished carpet cleaning machines made available to those under a budget. If you just moved in and are not sure of the extent of the full carpet area, getting a refurbished machine could be helpful as it is cheaper. As you go along or finally decide on the extent of your carpet area, then you can have a brand new carpet cleaner to help you in the long run.

Apart from the affordability, always check on compatibility of your carpet and the machine. Although most machines are made equal the vacuum strength that could clean a nylon or synthetic carpet could not do the same for wool, which has a greater need for power cleaning. Check on how thick you want your carpet would be, or already is and see if the carpet cleaning machines that you have in mind would do well with it.

How long will the machine last? Durability is important as you would not want to visit the repair shop more often than you actually use the equipment. Although a warranty could be issued, there are limitations to the scope of the warranty coverage, and does not guarantee that it would cover your next visit.

If you have friends or family members who have the same carpet cleaning machines that you have in mind, ask for feedback. How often do they use it? Is it easy to maintain? Keep in mind though, that although it might work for them, the same cannot be assumed for you. If you clean often and your friend may sparingly use the machine, there could be a difference. Ask around first, and visit different websites that provide ratings and feedback. This would give you an idea of the kind of machine that could help you in your everyday chores.

Another criteria that should be considered apart from maintenance, is storage. If you have limited space in your home, you might want to purchase a cleaning machine that would snugly fit only to a certain area in your home. Also consider the safety of having it around especially if you have children around the house. Look on all the possible factors that would affect you and your home when having carpet cleaning machines around.